Thursday, July 24, 2008

A minor update to report: I have been cleared by the medical office and my file is with the placement people. I have had some contact with a woman who works with West African placement but no official letter yet.

Mom and Dad arrive tomorrow to help pack and clean and we'll head out, if all goes as planned, on Monday afternoon. I'll be in Florida until further notice--learning French, reading books, and trying to figure out how to add some more interesting things to my skeletal blog. Give me time.

A friend found some packing lists on line so that has eased my mind a great deal. I haven't collected very many of the items, but it is reassuring to have some idea of what I might need to bring. If you check it out yourself, make sure you stick to the lists by people in Africa, or at least in warmer places. The packing lists for Nepal are scary!

It's sad to be leaving Chattanooga and all of the friends I have here. Know that you will be missed. But I've crossed "see Rock City" off my list of things to do so there's nothing left but to pack my bags and head for the horizon. At least in Florida you can actually see the horizon--no mountains there to block the view. :)